Frequently Asked Questions

  • Ordering

    • What countries do you ship to?

      We ship worldwide.
      You can check the shipping and handling costs for your country here.

    • How do I place an order?

      Find the products that you want to purchase
      When all of the items you wish to purchase are in your shopping cart, you are ready to proceed to the order checkout process.
      Choose checkout
      Complete the customer registration information, such as your user name and password. This step will set up your account for placing orders, maintaining your order history. If you are a registered customer please enter your email address and password.

      1. Step 1 of 3 - Enter your shipping address. The shipping address may be different from the billing address. Enter shipping method.
      2. Continue to Step 2 of 3 - Payment Information. Choose payment method
      3. Continue to Step 3 of 3 - Order Confirmation
      If you choose pay pal after order confirmation you'll be redirected to pay pal for payment. You will also receive an email confirmation of your order soon thereafter.

    • Do you have a minimum order amount?

      We does not require a minimum order amount .

    • I would need to know what the prices are in US dolars. Do you have a conversion chart?

      We have prices in 5 currencies:

      • USD - US Dollar
      • EUR - Euro
      • GBP - Great Britain Pounds
      • CZK - Czech Crown
      • RUB - Russian Ruble
      This you can change at the top of each page. (Like in the image below)
      Can I pay for your product in US dollars?
      Please choose USD for US dollars.

    • Are goods reserved for me after I confirmed my order?

      Yes, all goods are reserved for you in confirmed order.

    • Can I shop for a period of days without losing the contents of my cart?

      Yes. has a perpetual cart, meaning that the contents of your cart won't disappear. And by logging in you can use another computer to continue your order. But placing an item in your shopping cart does not hold the price or availability of the item for you. Goods are reserved for you only in confirmed order.

    • What is the weight of one Czech seed beads package?

      Czech sees beads are mostly packed on Preciosa Ornela factory.
      The average weight of seed beads package is 51 grm.
      Tolerance is +/- 3 grm.

    • Can I change confirmed order?

      Yes, you can.
      1.Enter your profile.
      2 Find order you want to change, choose "cancel".
      3 Choose "cancel order and put your goods into the basket".
      4 Change order and send the new one.
      5 This option is not possible if you pay via pay pal.

    • What does order statuses mean?

      • 1. Pending - it is an automatic status, you get it after order confirmation. We give five days to pay for your order. If you choose pay pal, status is automatically changed to “paid”
      • 2. Payment on the way - you've paid, but payment is not on our bank account yet.
      • 3. Paid - we've got your payment.
      • 4. Processing - the order is being assembled.
      • 5. Cash on Delivery (C.O.D.) - we'll send your order this the C.O.D. amount. C.O.D. is possible only in Czech Republic.
      • 6. Ready for shipping - your order is packed and ready for shipping.
      • 7. Ready for pickup - your order is packed and you can pick it up. Pickup is possible only in Prague, Czech Republic.
      • 8. Transferred to the post - your order is in the post-office. We haven't got the tracking number yet. We'll sent you the tracking number within 2 business days.
      • 9. Shipped - your order was shipped and we send you the tracking number. If your post has such services, you can track your parcel. Information appears after customs clearance.
      • 10. Picked up - your order was picked up (only in Prague, Czech Republic).

    • How to assemble 2 or more orders?

      If you have 2 or more unpaid orders you can cancel them in your account and put goods back into your cart. 1.Enter your profile 2 Find order you want to change, choose "cancel". 3 Choose "cancel order and put your goods into the basket" 4. Change order and send the new one. 5. This option is not possible if you pay via PayPal.

  • Payment Options

    • In what currency can I pay?

      You can order and pay in:

      • USD - US Dollar
      • EUR - Euro
      • GBP - Great Britain Pounds
      • CZK - Czech Crown
      • RUB - Russian Ruble
      This you can change at the top of each page. (Like in the image below)
      In what currency can I pay?

    • What forms of payments do you accept?

      We accept payments via PayPal with American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover.

    • If I won't pay for my order within 5 days?

      We cancel your order.

    • How to pay via PayPal?

      An information about payment via PayPal "is here".

    • Where can I find the order number?

      After order confirmation we'll send your invoice this order number to your mail. Also you can find it in your profile. MY ACCOUNT

    • Can I pay with my debit or credit card?

      Yes. You can pay to our PayPal account.

  • Products - wishes

    • How can I get your news?

      To subscribe or unsubscribe, enter your accout, under history of your orders you'll see "Email Notifications" - subscribe or unsubscribe from newsletters.
      This option is available for registered customers.

  • Shipping

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