Rocaille from JABLONEX is the basic and best known type of seed bead. It has been part of the life around us for more than 50 years and has offered decoration and helped create beauty, atmosphere and memories throughout this time, jointly creating and improving our lifestyles and feelings.

The unique coloured glass in which JABLONEX produces seed beads is incomparable in terms of quantity and quality. It is divided into a number of categories, each of which includes dozens of types and shades across the entire colour spectrum. In addition to the best known and most widely used black (which is also used as a base tone for a number of surface refinements), there are transparent colours (crystal, topaz, amethyst, sapphire, grey, peridot, emerald, aquamarine, rosaline, pink gold, amber, hyacinth, ruby and garnet), alabasters, satins and deep colours (chalk, brown, tango, purple, blue, lapis, grey, green, turquoise, deep pink, lemon, orange and coral). The range is rounded off with absolutely unique, hand-made, combined colours which are made up of a number of types of coloured glass, mainly rings, harlequins and carnelians.

This wide range of coloured glass is supplemented by an assortment of surface finishes that are used to decorate JABLONEX seed beads with the aim of achieving further optical effects. The surface of JABLONEX seed beads can be refined with matting, silver, gold or coloured lining, holes, surface metal decoration (gold or silver, copper or bronze), lustre, ceylony, rainbow decoration, painting, glazing or spraying. The range of surface refinements on offer is available in a number of resistance and durability levels, which is sure to please even the most discerning of customers.

Another attribute in the production of glass products has made its way more and more to the forefront in recent years – environmentally friendliness. The demands on protecting the environment in the production of glass and glass components and the demands on minimising the content of pollutants in these products have become key in dealing with strategic issues concerning the future of glass production in the Czech Republic. We are extremely proud of the fact that the production of glass and glass components at the JABLONEX GROUP is in line with the very strictest European Union parameters, in many cases actually exceeding them.

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Many thanks for fast delivery and good quality of the beads. I m satisfied. Regards. »»

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